Welcome to FILOO, a design project that draws full inspiration from play. Our commitment is focused on creating objects that are both creative and captivating, designed to stimulate creativity and reflection.

Our creations serve a dual essential purpose: play, to awaken the playful side, and contemplation, to nourish the aesthetic soul. Each object we design is an invitation to explore, create, and meditate, establishing a unique personal connection between the user and the artwork.

Immerse yourself in the world of FILOO, where play becomes a form of artistic expression, and each object tells a singular story. These objects become companions that inspire, adding a distinctive dimension to your daily life.

At FILOO, we believe in the power of collaboration. It’s a project where artisans, designers, users/players come together, forming a dynamic community. Together, we shape the FILOO experience, enriching human relationships and nurturing collective creativity